Loyalty System

Devonport Chocolates and Marsello Loyalty

We have teamed up with the folks at Marsello to bring you our delicious loyalty system.  We have kept it really straight forward.  Spend $100 and earn 100 points.  Once you have earned 100 points you can claim a $10 voucher.  You can save up your points, not claim a voucher and spend 200 points on a $20 voucher if you would really like to have a spend up in store.

How do I join up?

You can join up via the collect website, click here to go through.  Even better complete your profile and you get a $5 voucher right away.

Can I spend my loyalty voucher online?

We are waiting on Marsello to develop the API to allow our website to do this (basically our website and Collect aren't talking to each other at the moment but once Marsello works out what to say we will be all on).  In the meantime if you would like to spend your voucher online drop us an email to onlineorders@devonportchocolates.co.nz with your full name and we will organise an online voucher for you and email you the voucher code.

Why do you ask for my birthday?

We ask for your birthday because we want it to be the best day ever.  On your birthday you will be sent a voucher for a delicious tablet, so pop in store and claim your birthday treat, or write in the delivery notes of your online order that you have this voucher to claim and we can organise it for you.

Earn extra points

When you first place an order or sign up in store you will be sent an email with a link to update your details.  This is how you add in your birth date (for your birthday tablet).  If you complete your profile you will be give 50 points, that is half way to your first voucher.

I don't want to receive emails

Absolutely not a problem at all.  As most loyalty programs our one runs off your email address so we do require this to keep track of your points.  You will automatically be signed up to receive emails with points balances and vouchers but you can unsubscribe at any time.  You do need to have selected receive emails to get your voucher for your Birthday tablet.

As with all loyalty programs this is run at the discretion of Devonport Chocolates and we hold the right to cancel it at any time and not be liable for any outstanding vouchers.