Sprinkle a little date night romance on Valentine’s Day

How quickly the lazy, stress-free days of summer holidays fade, it’s so easy to slip back into the routine of life.  With Valentine’s Day nearing it seems like the perfect time to freshen up your date night ideas. 

Try some of our suggestions below to make Valentine's Day (or any other day) extra special.

1. Dinner at home
Transform dinner at home with delicious chocolates.  Order your favourite takeaway dinner, or use one of the many delivery services that are around and create a trail of foiled chocolate hearts (Devonport Chocolates of course!) from the entrance of your home to the bedroom.  Don't forget to enjoy a unique dessert with some of our most romantic chocolate flavours, passionfruit, strawberry rose and vanilla raspberry hearts.

2. Dancing in the dark, barefoot on the glass listening to our favourite song….Ed Sheeran might have penned the words but you can bring them to life with starlight for extra magic. 
Choose a place where the stars will be more visible such as a hilltop, regional park or coastal area and head there at twilight. If you choose the coast, make it the west coast and watch the sunset first.  Select the most romantic songs from your Spotify collection and slow dance the night away. 

3. Relive your first date.
Mine would be that he picked me up from my house on a blind date. When he came to my door I couldn’t believe how hot he looked. I was so nervous I could barely eat the fabulous meal I’d ordered at that romantic restaurant. This time I’ll be more relaxed and I’ll say what’s in my heart as I savour the meal.

4. Mystery picnic
Choose a beautiful setting – a tranquil park, stunning beach or waterfall. Go to one that you’ve never been to before but do some checking on it first to make sure it’s what you have in mind and that it is accessible.  My favourites are Karekare Falls and Tawhitokino Bay. 
Pack a picnic of your favourite foods including a hand-picked selection of Devonport Chocolates (of course!) and head to your location.

5. First time Valentine’s Day date night ideas
Try one of the following: a cooking class; pizza and Netflix movie night with chocolates for dessert.  If your date likes animals then head to the zoo (they have a special evening on Valentine's Day with their bug exhibition).
And my best advice, the secret to a successful date night is to know what makes the other person happy and make it happen for them.  Happy Valentine’s Day.