Stereotypes….you might say when it comes to chocolate there is no such thing but then stop and think about chocolate and you’ll most probably think: Milk, Dark and White with your favourite choice coming first.  Without thinking you have stereotyped chocolate!

Keep thinking and you’ll add flavours, maybe starting with the one you’d initially choose in a box of chocolates.

“But what has this all got to do with Mother’s Day,” I hear you say.

Well to poach a famous movie quote, ‘Life is life a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”, mothering today is very much like that box of chocolates.

The stereotype mother no longer exists. In its place are people of different ages, sexes and relationships to the children who they are nurturing.  And they are doing an amazing job of it.  Then there are those people who make a vital or essential commitment to children, often standing in for the mother, such as neonatal nurses and early childhood caregivers and educators.

Are you starting to get the chocolate box image of those who are mothering?

On Sunday, May 13, we celebrate and give thanks to mothers on Mother’s Day. And what better way to give thanks than with beautifully presented chocolates in an array of flavours and assortments to suit the many ‘mothers’ in this world. A simple gift yet with loads of meaning that acknowledges all the love and care provided for a period of time or a lifetime.