Do you own one of the gorgeous tins we sell in store, or do you have a treasured vintage tin or box, or have kept one of our square boxes because they are too pretty to throw away or you believe in reducing waste every way you can?  Well............ We are trialing a new initiative.  Bring your own box, buy 11 items from our chocolate cabinet and you can choose a 12th chocolate or truffle (to the value of $2.50-$2.80) from our cabinet.  We are really looking forward to seeing who jumps on board this exciting initiative, we have lots of regular customers who I am sure will make full use of this, there are of course a few terms and conditions:

This is a trial and we are really unsure how it is going to go so we do hold the right to withdraw it at anytime.
We can't be held responsible if you choose to use a box that isn't one of ours and it turns out to not be a food safe container.  Along those lines, we know the chocolates fit well in our boxes, if you provide one that isn't one of ours we can't be held responsible if the items damage due to not fitting well.  

With the official part done, lets do this!