About Us

About Us

Devonport Chocolates History

This is a story about a charming chocolate factory in Devonport, sandwiched between a volcano and a naval base.
From this small corner of paradise, inspired by a community of craftsman, a daring little family set out to make Auckland’s finest chocolates. Their aim was to stay true to the traditions of Europe’s finest chocolatiers while capturing the passion, personality and flavours of the Pacific.

Led by Stephanie Everitt, the chocolatiers at Devonport Chocolates have spent the past 25 years putting their imagination into action – uncovering precious Pacific ingredients and experimenting with unexpected combinations of flavours and textures.
The result is a range of splendid Special Editions, mouth-watering award-winners, and fun family favourites – which in our own humble opinion, as well as those of a few esteemed chocolate boffins, are hand-crafted indulgent morsels of perfection – that will change your life!

To make the best chocolate you need the finest beans and in Samoa we’ve uncovered a hidden gem. For the past three years we’ve been working closely with a community of growers to nurture a plantation of Trinitario Cacao in the rich volcanic soils of Upolu.  Our adventure into 'bean-to-bar' chocolate has seen us work with the passionate Nusi of Moa Estate.  A soil scientist Nusi is perfecting the fermentation process to ensure our beans have a unique but smooth flavour.

The rest of our delicious chocolate treats are created using Callebaut coverture, it gives them a delicious creamy texture and taste.  Our milk chocolate has a very high 35% cocoa solids and our dark chocolate 55% cocoa solids.  We also have 70% dark chocolate available in solid chocolate form.

We are proud to say that all of the chocolate treats we make are free from palm oil.


Stephanie, Terry and Caroline Everitt who along with their son David are the family behind Devonport Chocolates

In our Auckland chocolate shops you will find a delicious assortment of chocolates and truffles in our chocolate cabinet as well as a big variety of chocolate assortments, Truffle Slices and chocolate tablets or bars as they are also known.  We have a chocolate gift for every occasion including our unique range of NZ chocolate gifts.
We have a chocolate shop in Devonport, Auckland, NZ where our chocolate kitchen is and you can see chocolate being made through the window in the shop.  Please feel free to ask our staff about what you can see they will be able to tell you how our chocolates are made.  
We also have a boutique shop in Queens Arcade in the central Auckland CBD.  Click here for a map and address details.
Our most popular chocolate from our cabinet is Marlborough Caramel. The Marlborough Caramel is a delicious gooey caramel with a hint of sea salt.  

Devonport is a lovely place to visit.  It is just a 15 minute ferry ride from the central city and is an enjoyable day trip if you only have a couple of days in Auckland.  

Have a look at www.devonport.co.nz to see more information on Devonport.  

While you are in Devonport you can take a bus tour with Devonport Tours which will take you past our chocolate shop and up Mount Victoria for stunning views of Auckland Harbour, click here for details.  If a tour with a difference is more your style try a tour on a segway, click here for more details.